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Joschua is a 32 year IT Veteran and has 23+ years in the field of Business Intelligence. Joschua is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable Business Intelligence Consultants in the world. Joschua clients over the last 23+ years have included many of the largest companies in Australia, Asia Pacific and Europe. 

Joschua was also with his ex-wife Jennifer for 23 years, 18 of which  they were married. Joschua knew his ex-wife Jennifer since he was 12 years old and raised her two children from her first marriage as his own.

It was Joschuas experiences with Jennifer in divorce that had Joschua realise that there is something very wrong with how western women treat even the best of men today.

Joschua is delighted to be able to mix his interests in helping Men and Women in the area of Relationships with his unique skills and ability by being the author of this book "How to Be A Good Wife". "How to Be A Good Wife" gives women the advice and guidance they so desperately need to transform their way of being if they wish quality men to remain married to them or to marry them in the future.

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How to Be a Good Wife


You have been taking advice on how to manage your relationships with men by the likes of Dr. Phil, Oprah and John Gray of "Venus and Mars" fame for years and years. Indeed "relationships experts" and "relationship counsellors" are very common and lots of people pay lots of money to get what they perceive as "advice" from such "experts".

What was the result? Well? Every day we see more articles talking about:

  • Where have all the good men gone?

  • The man-drought.

  • Accusing men of being Peter Pans and not wanting to "man up" and get married and have children.

One might be forgiven for asking how could it be that the topic of "relationships" one of the most talked about subjects in the world and yet the vast majority of people have relationships that are total disasters. How might that be exactly since relationships are actually very easy to manage?

Despite the fact that the disaster that is "marriage" today was almost exclusively created by women accepting the offer of "no fault divorce" to attack and destroy tens of millions of mens lives western women continue to blame men rather than take responsibility for what they have done.

In this book "How to Be A Good Wife" I will give you good advice that if used will dramatically increase your chances of staying married if you are married or getting married if you are not.

Men have quit the lie called "marriage" in their millions. They know and understand the scam that "marriage" is in the west today. I have been one of the leaders in exposing the criminality of the family courts and the fact that women openly condone and support the criminal victimisation of men by women. I am very proud that some young men I have talked to have cancelled their engagements.

We will continue to expose the fact that western women openly support and condone women committing crimes in the family courts. We will continue to educate young men so that they do not finish up suicidal when their children are kidnapped from them by their faithless ex-wives.

We have invited women to listen to us for many years now. So far there are almost no women who have decided that they want to take responsibility for what they have done. Western women endlessly blame men for everything.

"How to Be A Good Wife" will show you the transformations that you need to make in your behaviour to make yourself more desirable as a wife. If you make these transformations as an individual your chances of having  successful marriage will be much increased. If large numbers of women start to make these transformations we will slowly start to reduce the damage being done by ensuring that children are brought up in in-tact families.

If you think this book is going to pander to you and tell you that you are perfect and everything is the fault of men as Dr. Phil and Oprah have been telling you, then you are in the wrong place. This book is directed primarily to women to give them good solid advice rather than to pander to you and make you "feel good" by giving you advice that "feels good" but that will sabotage your relationships.

If this book and my advice is ignored? Then we can expect "more of the same". More broken homes. More crime. More violence. More of everything bad that single mother homes have created these last 40 years.

How to Be A Good Wife

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